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Providing quality training for the electric power industry
Providing quality training
for the electric power industry


Power engineering is not electrical engineering. Nor is it mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, or industrial engineering. It is all of the above -- plus more. Power engineering requires specialized knowledge in multidisciplinary fields. Most universities are ill-equipped to provide such education. This puts a post-university education burden on engineering employers. And this is where I can help.

With over 20 years experience in the power engineering field and over 25 years experience in post-secondary education, I have a unique perspective of what needs to be learned to be an effective power engineer and how it needs to be taught so it is readily comprehended. My engineering experience covers the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors and includes the planning, design, analysis, and operations activities.

The key to success in power engineering (and in many other fields, I suppose) is to build a solid foundation of basic principles and theory, then learn how to apply that knowledge to unfamiliar problems. This is the approach I stress in all my courses.