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Providing quality training for the electric power industry
Providing quality training
for the electric power industry

Useful Links and Tools

Ralph Fehr's Software

AC Power Components (macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet)

Ralph Fehr's Publications

U.S., Thai Utilities Partner to Address Asset Health (IEEE eNews Update)
U.S., Thai Utilities Partner to Address Asset Health (conference paper)
U.S., Thai Utilities Partner to Address Asset Health (Presentation)
Tampa Considering Options to Prevent Any Future Power Outages from Squirrels and Surges
Ralph Fehr: Master the Concepts
Buyer Beware of Energy Savers
Assessing and Improving Writing in the Engineering Curriculum
A Novel Approach for Understanding Symmetrical Components and Sequence Networks of Three-Phase Power Systems
A High-Performance Distribution Substation Bus Topology
More Emphasis on Complex Numbers? -- The i's Have It!
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - FPL Wants New Nuclear Plant - April 4, 2006
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - What Will Power Florida? - January 2, 2006
St. Petersburg Times - Technology Tricks to Outfox a Blackout - September 13, 2004
North Jersey Media Group - Another Blackout? Possibility is Real - August 12, 2004
Albany Times Union - We're Still in the Dark - August 8, 2004
USF: Power Market Model - August 3, 2004
Tampa Tribune Op Ed - Power Grid Abuse and the Next Big Blackout - November 1, 2003

Ralph Fehr's EC&M Magazine Articles

Back to Basics - January 2003 - AC Fundamentals
Back to Basics - February 2003 - The Basics of Inductance
Back to Basics - March 2003 - The Basics of Capacitance
Back to Basics - April 2003 - The Basics of Power Factor and Efficiency
Back to Basics - May 2003 - The Basics of Series Circuits
Back to Basics - June 2003 - The Basics of Parallel Circuits
Back to Basics - July 2003 - The Basics of Series-Parallel Circuits
Back to Basics - August 2003 - The Basics of Transformers
Back to Basics - September 2003 - The Basics of AC Motors
Back to Basics - October 2003 - Direct Current Motor Basics
Back to Basics - November 2003 - Meter Basics
Back to Basics - December 2003 - The Basics of Ladder Logic
Inside PQ: The Trouble With Capacitors (Part 1) - December 2003
Inside PQ: The Trouble With Capacitors (Part 2) - January 2004
Harmonics Made Simple - January 2004

References and Tools

Art and Science of Protective Relaying (Mason textbook)
Graph Paper Generator (includes Smith charts)
Transmission Line Sag/Tension Equation Derivation
Typical Induction Motor X/R Ratios
Typical Synchronous Machine X/R Ratios
Typical Transformer X/R Ratios
WaveShaper - See and hear effects of harmonics (184kb DOS/Windows executable file)

Rural Utilities Service Bulletins

Application of Capacitors on Rural Electric Systems
Checking Sag in a Conductor by the Return Wave Method
Design Guide: Embedment Depths for Concrete and Steel Poles
Design Guide for Oil Spill Prevention and Control at Substations
Design Guide for Rural Substations
Design Manual for High Voltage Transmission Lines
Distribution Conductor Clearances and Span Limitations
Electric Distribution Line Guys and Anchors
Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings, 34.5-69 kV
Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings, 115-230 kV
Guide for the Evaluation of Large Power Transformer Losses
Guide for Upgrading Transmission Lines
Mechanical Loading on Distribution Crossarms
Mechanics of Overhead Distribution Line Conductors
Specifications and Drawings for 12.47/7.2 kV Line Construction
Specifications and Drawings for 24.9/14.4 kV Line Construction
Specifications and Drawings for Underground Electric Distribution
Specification for Wood Poles, Stubs, and Anchor Logs
Unguyed Distribution Poles - Strength Requirements

Unified Facilities Criteria - U.S. Department of Defense

Cathodic Protection
Electrical Engineering Cathodic Protection
Electrical Power Supply and Distribution
Foreign Voltages and Frequencies Guide
Interior Electrical Systems
Interior and Exterior Lighting and Controls
Power Distribution Systems

Useful Websites

Alex McEachern's Power Quality Teaching Toy
Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine
Prof. Tom Blair's Most Excellent Website

Interesting Power System History

Architect of Power - Thomas E. Murray & New York's Electrical System (IEEE Power and Energy magazine)
Edison's Electric Light and Power System (IEEE Global History Network)
Electricity through the Ages (T&D World magazine)
History of Electrification (Edison Tech Center)
Museum of Electric Lamp Technology (Lamptech)
Niagara Falls - History of Power
Niagara Falls Power Plant history (Tesla Memorial Society)
Transformers at Pittsfield - Part 1 (IEEE Global History Network)
Transformers at Pittsfield - Part 2 (IEEE Global History Network)